Spring Cleaning - What You Might Be Missing

Spring Cleaning - What You Might Be Missing

It’s that time of year! Many people are gearing up for the spring by cleaning up their homes, gardens, closets, inboxes, etc. Spring cleaning is an honored tradition in time because many homes need this boost after being closed up all winter. Each home, workplace or business goes about their spring cleaning in their own way which usually consists of the usual checklists including much of the same tasks including decluttering, dusting and vacuuming, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning. However, there are some areas that are commonly missed, and we are going to bring some light to those. We are listing the top 10 areas of the home that are typically ignored and should be included in your spring cleaning checklist.

1. Garbage Cans

Garbage cans gather grime and other filth from the garbage they hold and the cans are often overlooked during spring cleaning because liners protect them from much of the garbage.  However, overflows, leaks, and foul odors can affect garbage cans that are used repeatedly, making it important to work your cans into your spring cleaning checklist.  To clean your garbage cans effectively, take them outside and scrub our antibacterial dish soap to the inside and outside of the cans.  After letting the cleaner sit for ten minutes, rinse the cans thoroughly and dry them before taking them back inside.

2. Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets often accumulate medications and hygiene products that sit for years before being cleaned out.  Many homeowners clean their bathrooms as part of their spring cleaning which provides the perfect opportunity to go through your medicine cabinet to dispose of old or expired medication.  Keep in mind that old medication must be disposed of in a particular way and should never be flushed down the toilet because that could contaminate the groundwater.  You may also take them to a pharmacy that disposes of old medication.

3. Blinds

The blinds in your home constantly gather dust which can make them appear dirty, and this dust is dispersed back into the air each time the blinds are opened.  Make sure you dust your blinds completely using a duster on both sides of the slats and remove any cobwebs or dust buildups in the corners.

4. Under and Behind Appliances

Throughout the year, debris ends up underneath and behind large appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, and others.  A layer of grime may also form under kitchen appliances which is caused by cooking and food residue.  As you complete your spring cleaning, make sure you move these large appliances safely to clean the areas behind and below them.

5. Under the Sink

The area under the kitchen and bathroom sink is commonly used to store cleaning products and other extra supplies and it can get messy from clutter, moisture, and residue from the cleaners.  You should go through the area under your sink to throw away old or empty bottles of cleaner and clean the shelf.

6. Oven Cleaning

One of the most important appliances to add to your house cleaning checklist this spring is the oven.  The oven and stove top accumulate grease and grime from cooking that needs to be removed.  Use an oven cleaner to coat the inside and remove the knobs to let them soak in a solution of half water and half vinegar which can effectively remove the grease.  You should also thoroughly clean the stove top as well as the sides of the oven.

7. Mattress

The mattress constantly accumulates bacteria and should be cleaned regularly for sanitary reasons.  They should be vacuumed thoroughly and spot cleaned where needed. Wipe down the mattress with a damp cloth.  You can also spray your mattress with a chemical free, non-toxic, safe odor eliminator. 

8. Dishwasher

Cleaning out your dishwasher should be done when you clean your kitchen this spring.  To clean your dishwasher, start by removing the grate, filter, and sprayer and clean the bottom of the dishwasher to remove any food or other residue.  Put the parts you removed in the sink to soak for half an hour in a mixture of hot water and a dash of our antibacterial dish soap then gently scrub clean.  Reinstall the parts and run an empty wash cycle with a bowl of 2 cups of vinegar to help sanitize and degrease the interior.

9. Door Frames and Trim

It can be very easy to overlook the door frames and trim throughout your home but they need to be cleaned because they gather dust.  Use a duster to dust the top and sides of the door frames as well as trim and molding.  If these areas have excess dirt, it can be removed with soap and water.

10. Air Duct Vents

The dust and other airborne debris that circulate in the air eventually make their way through your HVAC system and get trapped on vents and registers.  You can remove dust buildup from the vents by removing them and letting them soak in a mixture of hot water and soap.  Stubborn dirt can be scrubbed away with a toothbrush.

Many homeowners have already gotten a good start on their spring cleaning but if you have neglected any area on this list, make sure you go back through your home and clean these areas.  Spring cleaning provides an excellent opportunity to clean the commonly ignored areas along with the rest of your home for a much cleaner and healthier environment.

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