5 Stubborn Stains and How To Remove Them

5 Stubborn Stains and How To Remove Them

Tackling the residual stain with excessive bleach is the wrong solution, because bleach is not very effective, will damage the product and not to mention it’s toxic to your health. Removing stains — whether from fabrics, carpets, and even appliances — can be all sorts of frustrating. On a normal cleaning routine, the ever-dependable combination of soap and water can do the magic trick of removing common stains like dirt and mud. But for these 8 hard and stubborn stains to remove, you would be needing more than that to get rid of them.

1. Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa may be the drink that you’ve always turned to for comfort, but it can also be your worst and hardest enemy as a stain. Cocoa is made up of some of the world’s toughest stains. It is essentially made from chocolate, which by itself is already a big culprit for dark stains. Apart from this, the drink also proves to be a tough stain to remove because it has a strong combination of proteins, fat, and sugar. To remove it, rinse the area first with cold water. After the traces of the stains begin to disappear, you can spray the BG stain remover onto the soiled area and let sit for 5-10 minutes and then wash away.

2. Blood

Getting hit with injuries is a daily possibility that we need to always be prepared for. From cuts to grazes to unceremonious bouts of nose bleeding, you can expect to get your clothes dotted with dark red stains if any of these happen to you. The proteins found in blood and the pigments that make up for it all contribute to a difficult stain removal process such as a hot cocoa drink. However, for all the likelihood of getting these stains is also the possibility of erasing them. To clean blood stains, clean the fabric in cold water until most of the marks left by the fresh blood is removed. Afterwards, use the BG stain remover for clothes that is enzyme-based to help in removing the stain. Enzymes in particular are powerful in breaking down this type of stain.

3. Tomato Sauce

Are you a huge fan of spaghetti or pizza? Then chances are you have already experienced getting your shirt or any type of clothing stained while eating these dishes. The tomato meat sauce is one of the hardest stains to remove because of the grease and oil that come along with the mix. Luckily for you, you can continue eating your favorite pepperoni pizza or Italian spaghetti as long as you know how to clean tomato sauce stains. To start, you need to soak the stained fabric in cool water. Afterwards, add in a tablespoon of white vinegar to the mix. You can also use the BG stain remover spot treatment solution to break and weaken the particles that come with the stain. Once you’re done with the cold water, wash it with hot water and your laundry detergent to fully get rid of any greasy residue.

4. Grass Stains

Removing grass stains is another stubborn mark that needs proper cleaning. People who are into sports usually fall prey to this dirty culprit. So how do you clean grass stains? First, you need to apply the BG stain treatment directly to the grass stain and hand wash the fabric. You can also use diluted white vinegar to get rid of any of the stain’s residue. 

5. Red Wine

Curing a wine hangover is hard but removing its stain is even harder! If you encounter wine spills over your shirt or dress or any type of clothing, there’s no reason to panic. With the help of some natural cleaning ingredients and knowing how to wash it properly, you can remove wine stains just as fast as you can down a hangover with your favorite painkiller. First you need to try removing the stain with a handful of salt. Afterwards, the salt will begin absorbing the wine stain’s color, turning it into pink. Once this is noticeable, you can spray the area with the BG stain remover for 5-10 minutes and then soak the clothing in cool water mixed with a few cups of enzyme detergent and allow it to soak overnight.

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