Back to School Preparation

Back to School Preparation

As the school year is approaching, the last thing we want to think about among the craziness of back to school prep is stocking the house, but guess what? We have too! Especially with the essentials like food, water and cleaning products! It may not be a top list item for many, but to keep ourselves and our families healthy during a time when kids are bringing back so many germs from school, it is essential to have the best cleaning products stocked up and ready for use! This is where Berkley Green works wonders. Stock up on all the essential cleaning products in your home from one place. Help those littles be safe at home and teach them how to navigate through the germs at school. 

Top 5 places in schools are have the most germs are:

1. Restroom door - one would think the actual restroom is very germy but they are cleaned all the time, however, the doors might be skipped and some kids even walk out without washing their hands! 

2. The Drinking fountain - remind your littles to keep their mouths off the water spout. 

3. Classroom supplies - just from the sheer traffic in and around the classrooms, kids are always touching supplies to use and then wiping their noses and back to the supplies. 

4. Classroom desks - kids spend most of their school days at their desks, coughing, sneezing, wiping boogers, etc all over them. They are a dumping ground for germs.

5. Cafeteria trays/Lunch boxes - these are especially important because their hands go straight from these things to their mouths. A gentle reminder to wash hands before eating or just putting in a small hand sanitizer bottle into their lunch boxes, enables them to sanitize before eating. 

With everything the past school year had in store for our children, our children were likely exposed to so many toxic cleaners as the schools were trying to do their best to keep everything sanitized. Especially the places they very well know are the germiest. While we would love for the schools to switch over to our non-toxic cleaners, that will be a work in progress. But what we CAN DO, is clear out those toxins at home and remind our kids where all the germs live at school. Keeping them safe and toxic-free is part of parenting and Berkley Green will help you on that journey. 


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